All our cuffs are made of stainless steel. They do not tarnish and are safe to be worn on most occasions.

However, please refrain from wearing this to swim or subject it to temperature extremities.

The nature of our stainless steel cuffs is that it is scratch-resistant and will give you years of wear.

To protect the lustre of your cuffs, do give it a good wipe with the provided cloth or a microfiber fabric 

before storing it at the end of the day.


Our cuffs are unisex.


Each verse/quote comes in 5 types of finishes:

Rose Gold Elegance & Silver Elegance is in a thinner, more dainty style, and comes in 2 sizes.

Silver Titanium, Black Titanium, and Rose Gold Titanium is slightly thicker and comes in 1 size only.



Silver Titanium

Rose Gold Titanium

Silver Elegance

Black Titanium

Rose Gold Elegance